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Lets start this article with talking about Flag Football Drills. Most of the Flag Football Drills I have found deal with the basics, Run, Pass, Tackle (flag pulling). Using Google to search for the term Flag Football Drills I discovered a couple of good drills. Most drills deal with a lot of running plays or basic flag pulling. There were not a lot of how to or technique drills. I found one below I would like to share. With any team, practice makes perfect. Flag is no different. If you are serious about winning check out this drill.

Chase the man

The purpose of this drill is to develop running skills and avoid having the flag pulled. Most flag runners will give up when someone is in front of them. So this drill will help with agility and footwork. This how you will set up the drill.

Set out a 40 x 40-yard area. Place cones 2 yards apart to simulate a ยูฟ่าเบท mini-end zone. Recommended for six pairs of players, the maximum number of kids is 20. If cones are not available, marks on the ground or floor, t-shirts, or tape can be used. Balls are optional. These are the actions that you need to take in order to make this drill work

– Pair players up – one as a RB and one as a DB. The DB is in back of the RB and chasing the RB from behind.
– RB’s should carry a football (if available).
– Each RB starts off on the end line at either side of the playing area.
– The DB start 5 yards behind the RB.
– On the coach’s whistle, the RB attempt to cross through the mini-end zones without getting their flags pulled by the pursuing DB.
– The DB must chase the RB.
– Both flags are pulled, RB is out. If one flag pulled, the RB keeps going.
– Any end zone can be crossed and there is no order in which the end zones have to be crossed.
– The drill lasts 45 seconds and then you switch RB’s to DB and DB to RB.

After the first run through the drill shorten the time to 30 seconds.

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