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The common misconception among football fans is that any defense with four defensive linemen and three linebackers is a 4-3 Defense. For Football Coaches, we know that is not the case.

The 4-3 Defense has a very specific meaning, and in fact there are multiple forms of the 4-3 Defense. The College 4-3 Defense was the original, but is rarely seen today. The Pro 4-3 Defense is very different from what most people would think of as a 4-3 Defense, due to the tremendous athletic ability ufabet เว็บหลัก of NFL Football Players.

Today, most fans and coaches are referring to the 4-3 Over Front, also known as the Miami 4-3, when they refer to the 4-3 Defense. This is the defensive front designed by Jimmy Johnson and the Miami Hurricanes in the 1980’s. Coach Johnson went on to great success in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys running essentially the same defense.

What Makes it a 4-3?

The four down linemen and the three linebackers we see today in the 4-3 Defense have very important characteristics. The entire goal of the defense is to maximize speed on the field.

The Defensive Tackles are the only traditional defensive linemen you will see on the field. The 3-Technique, who plays on the strong side of the Offensive formation, shaded on the outside half of the Guard, is the only player that has to be a big, dominating defensive lineman. The 1-Technique Nose Guard, shaded on the Center on the weak side, can be a quicker and more athletic player. We like to use wrestlers for this position.

The rest of the defense involves taking players from further back, and moving them forward.

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