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runs at defenders, makes space and scores. Then there are times when you are a team like Barcelona, who come forward in hordes.

With the likes of Messi and, now, David Villa in attack, the role of the central man becomes different. He is no longer required to beat opponents, just bringing the others into the game is enough. So why did we pick Zlatan Ibrahimovich as the core player for this article?

You’ll find out!


In England, football isn’t about finesse and beauty, unless you are Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspurs or Arsenal. Even in these teams, only Chelsea is the one that actually useufabet มือถือ s the direct route. Manchester United can also join the club at times.

The idea is simple! Boot the ball up the field, towards your target man, hope that he gets to it before the defenders, and hope that he can hold on long enough to allow the others to come forward. This is an effective strategy when you are under pressure, or up against a stronger team. However, in England, this seems to be the strategy of choice.

The problem comes when you are playing with strikers like Jermaine Defoe, Wayne Rooney or even Fernando Torres.

None of these strikers have what it takes to play the target man. Sure, they are all capable of being the “go to” guy when it comes to scoring chances. In build-up play however, they aren’t what you would want. As a coach, a Wayne Rooney running at defences isn’t as important as a Peter Crouch or Emile Heskey who can, somewhat, hold up the ball.

The fact that they play for teams that require them to do so also helps.

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